Artistry and purity mark her recitals

Dr. Pantula Rama had earned recognition even as a child prodigy. Highly versatile, All India Radio accorded her the ‘A’ grade as a vocal artiste, and ‘B-High’ in violin and viola. She has featured in a number of national programmes of music of All India Radio.

The singer has been bestowed with the title ‘Gayatri Sangeeta Vidwanmani’ and is popular as the ‘Nightingale of Andhra’ and ‘Melody Queen of Andhra’.

She secured a Ph. D in music from the Andhra University. Her doctoral dissertation titled ‘Shaping of an Ideal Carnatic Musician through Sadhana’ has been published by Gyan Publishers of New Delhi. Dr. Pantula is the recipient of a number of awards including the ‘Outstanding Lady Singer’ and ‘Best Pallavi Award’ from the Music Academy, Chennai.

She comes from a culturally eminent family of musicians, poets, scholars and astrologers going back to generations. Her mother Smt. Padmavathi is a veena artiste. Dr. Pantula had her early training in music under her father Sri. Pantula Gopala Rao and continues to be the main disciple of ‘Sangeeta Kalasagara’, Sri. Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao. She has the privilege of being the wife of a very gifted musician Sr. M.S.N. Murthy.

Dr. Pantula Rama is much respected for her pure, artistic and intellectual way of singing. She is well-liked for an ever-fresh approach in her concerts.

She has been a favorite with the press and audio-visual media during her career and has obtained rave reviews and critical acclaim from all sections of audiences. She has a number of CD and albums to her credit and has been performing throughout India and abroad and has been appreciated equally by the elite and the ordinary sections of audience.  She has an array of talented disciples.

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    Great composition and presentation, particulaty with telugu sahityam. Bravo. Keep it up.

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