‘Manipravalam’ covers compositions in Kannada, Tamizh, Telugu and Malayalam. Purandaradasa’s Atana devarnama ‘Sakala Graha’ is sung with all the charanams which is rare to hear. A brief exposition of Kedaragowla is gamaka rich and moves on to Ramaswamy Sivan’s ‘Natanam Seyyum.’ This song seems to be one of the vocalist’s favourite Tamizh compositions and this scribe has listened to her frequent rendition of this song in her Chennai concerts.

Pantula Rama’s Kalyani vinyasa is powerful and majestic in a unhurried manner. The rare kriti of Tyagaraja ‘Karu Velpulu’ with its plethora of sangatis is sung gracefully. The swaraprastharas for this song however falls slightly short of Rama’s musical standard.

A haunting sketch of Dwijavanti leads on to Swati Tirunal’s ‘Tharuni Nyan’ and is leisurely vocalised befitting the nature of the lyrics.

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