Good command over laya

BEING A Telugu, Pantula Rama’s rendition of Tyagaraja kritis could not be faulted on grounds of sahitya suddha or pada splitting which, when not done properly, distorts the meaning.

With a good command of laya she sings with abandon and with a commendable manodharma. The alapanas are full of verve and imagination. In her concert for Hamsadhwani she sang the not-frequently heard “Yedari Sancharimtura” in Sruthi Ranjani. She did well to announce the name of the raga at the end of the kriti scripted by Tyagaraja.

With decorative phrasings and idioms she gave glitter to the already enticing Behag raga which she had chosen for an RTP exercise, in Misrachapu tala. The alapana was comprehensive with tanam equally enlivening. She chose Swati Tirunal’s padam, “Smarajanaka Subha Charita… ” for the pallavi line.

Showing expertise in neraval and swaras she rendered the usual swara ragamalika in Durga, Hindola and Surati (the exercise took over 45 minutes) — M.S.N. Murthy gave admirable support on the violin. V. V. Ramamoorthy played the mridangam.

credit – A.R.S, The Hindu, June 11,2004

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