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Round-up – A veritable youth brigade of Carnatic musicians was in the Capital recently to regale listeners.

Pantula Rama’s vocal recital in this festival contained some fine presentations of Tyagaraja compositions. Rama’s handling of Tyagaraja’s “Palintuvo palimpavo” in raga Kantamani (a vivadi raga, the 61st raga in the scheme of 72 melakarta ragas) in a detailed manner was scholarly. While the alapana of the raga was scintillating, her creative talents flowed during the neraval of the phrase from the charanam of the composition and in the swaraprastaras that came later. Such a raga is rarely taken up in concerts and Rama did an excellent job of handling the composition as well as the improvisation techniques. The central item of her recital was Tyagaraja’s “Nadopasana” in raga Begada. After the tani avartanam (percussion interlude) she presented a few Tamil compositions.

Credit – The Hindu, Delhi

For more info -http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-fridayreview/article3259601.ece

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  • Sanjeev Ramabhadran


    Heard your performance for the first time yesterday thanks to CarnaticRadio.com - by coincidence, it was Kantamani as mentioned here, but better yet, an RTP. I am typically skeptical about detailed elaborations in vivaadi ragas but I enjoyed your rendition immensely! Excellent balance of sweetness/texture/weight/flexibility in your voice, enjoyed your handling of taalam and different nadais in your korvai. I will be on the lookout for more of your renditions. Cheers, Sanjeev

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