Pantula Rama was born into a family with a lineage of music. Her parents are Pantula Gopala Rao (Violinist and retired All India Radio engineer) and Pantula Padmavathi a veena artiste.

She holds a Ph.D in music from Andhra University for her thesis: A study of the shaping of an ideal musician through saadhana, published by Gyan Publishers of New Delhi. She has an MA and BA in music from Andhra University, where she won gold medals each time and has been a University Topper.

Her initial training was given to her by her father, and advanced training under Sangeeta Kalasagara Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao. Apart from being a Top grade Vocalist, Dr. Rama has a B High in violin and viola from All India Radio in the Carnatic style.

She is fortunate to have the brilliant musician (violin and vocal) Sri MSN Murthy as her soul mate.

She is an active fund raiser for events based on social and philanthropic causes.

Her latest movement – ParA – The Supreme aims to bring music and meditation to everyone.

Pantula Rama has been performing since she was eight. Her technical perfection conforms to the best classical standards.

She has performed across the country and abroad. She has also presented various lecture-demontrations like ‘Musical excellence of Shyama Sastri’, ‘Sadhana of Carnatic Music’, ‘Ragam Tanam Pallavi’. Conducted ‘Nowkacharitam’ – Musical Opera of Thyagaraja.

A multitalented personality, Dr. Pantula Rama also accompanies many artists of repute on the violin.