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Outreach & Advocacy

"PaRa the Supreme..."

A movement by Dr. Pantula Rama and her dedicated team

"PaRa...the Supreme" Pronunciation -

PaRa...the Supreme is a 'no barrier' socio-cultural movement initiated by globally acclaimed Carnatic musician Dr Pantula Rama. PaRa has an enthusiastic and dedicated team of musicians and music lovers from different walks of life who deeply believe in the vision of this movement and strive to achieve its objectives, which are: 

  1. To create and heighten the awareness of the art of Carnatic music with an openness towards all genres of music

  2. To achieve oneness with the Supreme Consciousness through pure note (Swacch Swar) ​

  3. To realize socio-cultural oneness without any social, religious or cultural barriers

  4. To stimulate human evolution through music.

  5. To conduct 'PaRa Vistara' events as an outreach program to fulfil the above objectives 

PaRa has been active since 2016, and recently celebrated its 2nd Anniversary in a grand full-day celebration of music and learning in Visakhapatnam. The movement conducts a variety of activities including outreach events, interactive workshops, and multi-day festivals geared at uplifting its participants through the power and beauty of music. 

PaRa in the News

PaRa has received recognition in national newspapers and media for its groundbreaking work 

A new approach to listening to Carnatic music

(The Hindu, January 2018)

"PaRa the Supreme aims at drawing a larger base of learners," says Dr. Pantula Rama.

Musical movement 

sans barriers

(The Hindu, August 2017)

"PaRa is a movement that celebrates the love of music and its power to touch the depths of one's soul."


The PaRa team loves to conduct outreach events with new partners. If you are interested in hosting a PaRa event at your venue or organization please contact us at We are currently based in India, but we are working on global expansion. We would love to partner with you!  

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