"The virtuoso's music has often been described as mesmerizing by listeners...Rama's very melodious voice, effortless elucidation of ragas...immensively creative manodharma endear her to rasikas."

-------  The Hindu

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About Rama

Pantula Rama is a leading exponent of Carnatic music. She has received international acclaim as  “The Golden voice” that traverses more than three octaves with a mesmerising effect in the lower octave. Rama is hailed as the “Nightingale of Andhra Pradesh” and “Melody queen”. Her performances on the world’s leading stages garnered her a worldwide fan club that admire the magic and classicism of her music.

Dr Rama had her initial training in music from her father Sri Pantula Gopala Rao. Her musical persona was later shaped by “Sangeeta kalasagara” Sri Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao. Equipped with a vast repertoire and a highly imaginative approach, she is renowned for her interpretation of the works of old and new composers.  Her unique style distinctive for brilliant artistry, clarity of diction, an ever-fresh approach and a perfect balance of the different elements of Carnatic music, enthrals audiences around the world. Popular for her unique construction of Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi (the magnum opus of Carnatic music), Rama effortlessly blends intellect and aesthetic, leaving the audiences in ecstasy. She stands out for her judicious and seamless adaptation of musical elements from other genres of music.

Rama is an advocate of socio-cultural oneness with a no barriers outlook. She is also a strong believer in the organic transformation towards Supreme Consciousness through music. As a result of her life experience and deep contemplation in this direction, Rama has launched a one of its kind open-to-all socio-cultural movement in 2016, “PaRa – the Supreme." 

"Her poise and dignity on stage are often as remarked upon as her musical caliber. For connoisseurs, the appeal of Dr. Pantula Rama's kutcheries is that the music is of a very high order and also that she eschews flashiness and flamboyance and never plays to the gallery."

--- Aruna Chandaraju, The Deccan Herald

Shaping of an Ideal Carnatic Musician Through Sadhana

Rama's engaging and candid book takes a deep dive into the combination of elements required to make an ideal Carnatic musician. "Sadhana," refers to contemplative practice, observation and training, and Rama explains each of these facets in detail in the text. From exploring methodology, physical practice, listening and observation, and social and socioeconomic factors, Rama leaves no stone unturned in the journey towards ideal musicianship. 

--- The Hans India 


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